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Stepping Stone Technologies develops and markets cost-effective, leading-edge software for the gaming, security and surveillance industries. The company provides the Casino Information Management System (CIMS), tailored for the casino industry.

CIMS is an advanced software application designed for tracking, capturing and storing information related to events, incidents and routine tasks involving casino patrons or property. CIMS consists of several modules that can work together or independently to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the casino security and surveillance team.

Daily Events

The Daily Events module provides a chronological record of the day-to-day surveillance activities increasing the communication between security team members and eliminating the time consuming task of paper-based record keeping.

Subjects and Incidents

The Subject/Incident module provides a comprehensive history of consumer activities and provides surveillance and security operators the ability to record a wide variety of information, including image capture, about casino patrons and link specific incidents and additional surveillance/observation information to specific patrons.

Shared Information

The Shared Information module provides a the ability for related casinos to share information about people of interest.

Facial Recognition System

The CIMS Facial Recognition System delivers an identification solution based on individuals under banned or excluded status. This biometric solution replaces manual processes such as comparison of surveillance subjects to physical photographs, while automating database searches against the CIMS Subject/Incident database.

Responsible Gaming

Stepping Stone Technologies also provides an approach to responsible gaming that addresses the limitations of current practices. Stepping Stone delivers a proactive solution to problem gaming and directs due diligence towards social responsibility, and gaming integrity. The WATCH program takes aim directly at responsible gaming by providing a face capture/retrieval tool that assists operators in recognizing when prohibited players are in the casino. A complete history of the players gambling activity is also immediately accessible as well as the steps taken to address the individual problems. Accuracy of recognition in conjunction with a comprehensive database, enables casino operators to improve their approach to problem gambling. Stepping Stone Technologies offers a manageable, flexible and user-friendly approach to a responsible gaming solution.

Employees and Incidents

The Employee/Incident module provides management with a tool to record personnel information, to record staff history of activities and associations and as well to identify areas of improvement for individual staff members and/or training programs.

Dispatch Activity

The Dispatch Activity module records the activities of the Security team for each shift and provides the operator the ability to assign activities, track time, location, duration and additional information as required.

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